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Join us at daud.io!

daud.io is the new version of spaceone.io. It was built by the spaceone.io players to replace our beloved, lost game.

daud.io is different, yet fundamentally the same. The focus remains on fast, fleet-to-fleet, laser battles. if you were a spaceone player, you’ll love it, I promise. A lot of your old spaceone friends still play at daud.io and are active on our discord chat.

Play Now at DAUD.io

What happened to spaceone.io?

There’s good news and bad news:

  • bad news: spaceone.io servers, code, and domain are gone. and not coming back. we tried.
  • good news: the players, fans, and hackers of the spaceone.io community have recreated it in daud.io and we play over there.

Can I play spaceone.io now?

Not exactly. Our spaceone.io replica is a work in progress, and there are not many active players yet.

You can see our progress here:

Play Now at spaceone.daud.io [BETA TEST]