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2021.10.29 update

More Touchscreen Improvements Autofire defaults to ON for touchscreen users Manual firing has two modes: Manual: Use the joystick to steer and then the button to fire Assisted: while using the joystick to steer, tap another place on the screen to fire at that spot… Read More »2021.10.29 update

2021.10.28 update

Most of the input code has been rewritten. Mouse and keyboard should be more responsive and accurate. Touchscreen support has a major new update. Tap any point on the screen to shoot at that point, then resume flying as before. Minor physics changes, restoring friction… Read More »2021.10.28 update

[Chapter Pollux]

Pollux (Beta Geminorum) is the brightest star in the constellation Gemini. It is named after one of twin brothers from Greek and Roman mythology. The other twin, Castor also has a star named after him, but is less brighter than Pollux. However, the two stars… Read More »[Chapter Pollux]